Moreno Perna is a dancer/choreographer, dance communication specialist and cultural events organiser.

As a dancer, he graduated from the University of the Arts in Amsterdam in Contemporary Dance (formerly MTD – Moderne Theater Dans, now Expanded Contemporary Dance) in 2015, after one year of Internship in the theatre and dance company of artist Jan Fabre.

He performed and toured 2 pieces of Jan Fabre:
– The re-enactment of Jan Fabre’s 1984 piece The Power of Theatrical Madness
– Creation and touring of Mount Olympus

During his studies, he created the sound installation NONHUMAN-HUMAN.
Between 2017 and 2019 he worked as a choreographer under the wings of former Amsterdam DansMakers (now part of the Artist Dance Space supported by ICK Dans Amsterdam), creating 3 pieces: LDRC, XYX and AURA.

Since 2021, he lives in Italy in the mountainous region of Trentino Alto-Adige in the North-East of Italy, teaching dance and connecting with the nature on the beautiful mountains through dance and films.

He has curated events and one-day festivals between Belgium and The Netherlands… >>>

As a Dance Communication specialist, he has worked since 2020... >>>